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To date, Wataire International has identified high-potential applications for Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) in 10 different markets that it will initially target. These ten markets include, among others: military applications; oil and mining operations; new and existing tourist resorts, beverage bottling plants, and new luxury condominium developments where an AWG can besupplied as a fitted appliance.

Wataire Internationals strategy is to partner with one of the leading existing suppliers of products and services in each of these markets. It has already identified the selection criteria for each partner in each market. In general, all the installation, maintenance and servicing, billing and collections will be incorporated as an “add-on” to the partner’s current offering in the market. All units will be leased. Favourable export financing will be obtained through Canada’s Export Development Corporation (EDC).

Seven essential Key Success Factors (KSFs) have been identified and plans have been assembled to ensure each one is put in place. All the required value chain partners have been identified. Selected marketing and sales initiatives are already underway targeting several of the 10 markets.

Once it achieves a solid foothold in any one of these markets, Wataire International will focus its attention and allocate all the necessary time, energy and financial resources in order to become the dominant player (gaining 70% of all new sales) in that market.