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Sediment Filter

Sediment Filter

Filter replacement:

Sediment Filter should be replaced every 6 Months

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The filters for your AirJuicer 4010 should be changed periodically and takes only 5 minutes to replace. The replacement interval is dependent your water usage. The AirJuicer is equiped with sensors that monitor the flow of water through the filters and will notify you by way of LED indicator lights on the front panel display when each filter requires replacing.

LED indicators- Filter 1
GREEN > Filter OK    ORANGE > Replace within 30 days   RED > Replace Immediately


The suggested filter replacement intervals are based on continuous usage with water production of 5 US Gal/19L per day:

No.1 Sediment Filter Removes large particles Replace 6-months

Note: Filter life will vary with each user and can extend significantley with lower consumption rates